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Off road travel and 4WD driver training

Landways arranges off road adventures using your own or a rented SUV.

We travel all over Europe and other continents to some of the most impressing landscapes worldwide. In small groups we discover remote areas on tailor made tracks guaranteeing a real off road adventure and breathtaking views.

During our expeditions we explore the deserts worldwide. We navigate over the sand dunes in Tunisia and through the Sahara desert in Egypt.

We drive to the Arctic Circle and over the Alps. In Transylvania we explore almost forgotten abbeys and on the old smuggler tracks we find our ways through the Pyrenees in Spain.

A certified 4WD Training in one of our training camps in Germany and other countries will give you an excellent preparation and it will be a perfect warm up for your next off road trip.

Welcome to Landways ...we create adventures!